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About Davis County Youth Hockey Association

Davis County Youth Hockey Association

Davis County Youth Hockey Association (DCYHA) provides hockey and fun for players, parents, and fans of hockey in Davis County.  Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of hockey, sportsmanship, and clean competition to all age and skill levels.  We strive to field competitive teams, but most important want to provide a fun environment for all players who show an interest in the exciting sport of ice hockey.

DCYHA was formed and began operation in 2002!

DCYHA is a USA Hockey sanctioned organization.  We adhere to the rules and standards of USA Hockey and the Utah Amateur Hockey Association (UAHA).  All volunteers, board members, and coaches are background screened by UAHA.  In addition, all coaches are certified by USA Hockey and have undergone general coaching instruction as well as age-specific instruction.

DCYHA plays its home games at the South Davis Recreation Center, home of the DC Wind.

We invite children of all ages and skill levels to join us.

10 Reasons to Play Youth Hockey


  • Hockey develops great athletes.  Physical development, coordination and agility - hockey builds athletic skills that are transferable to a number of other sports.
  • Everybody plays.  Teams exist for all skill levels and ages (4 and up, no experience necessary).  During most games a player sees action for at least 1/3 of the game on a consistently rotating basis.
  • Hockey is a great value.  The stigma that hockey is an expensive sport needs to go.  It is a thing of the past.  Compare the cost of hockey to other sports and you'll be pleasantly surprised.  For the money spent, the season is over five months long and an hour of ice time will average to less than $10/player.  At lower age levels the cost is even less and equipment loaner/rental programs are available.
  • Hockey is easy to work into your schedule.  Hockey games and practices are usually one hour, start and end on time, and the schedule is posted weeks in advance.  Rarely does anything start before 8:00 am or end after 9:00 pm.
  • Hockey is the ultimate team sport.  Youth hockey players learn lifelong lessons of teamwork, trust, responsibility, sportsmanship, and fair play in victory and defeat.  Nothing beats the esteem developed by being part of a team.
  • The future is bright.  Youth hockey players are four times more likely to go on to play in college than youth basketball players, and two times more likely than youth soccer and football players.*  Plus hockey players tend to stay close to the game well into adulthood.  Hockey is a lifelong sport.
  • It's safe.  This is not the NHL - checking isn't allowed until the older age divisions and fighting is not allowed at all.  High-tech protective gear is used; head, knee and other joint injuries are rare.
  • Size doesn't matter.  For hockey it's true.  Skating ability, hustle, and spirit is what matter most.
  • Fight the winter blues.  Time flies when you're having fun.  The season runs from October through mid March.  Play hockey and summer will be here before you know it!
  • Fun for the whole family.  Hockey is a great spectator sport, and there are many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.  The whole family can enjoy this activity together.

* Source:  NCAA report on "Competing Beyond High School"
Adapted from the "Top 10 Reasons to Play Youth Hockey" written & produced by the Milwaukee Winter Club, 2008