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DCYHA Store - Jerseys, Socks, and Fan Gear!

SquadLocker - Fan Gear/Swag

SquadLocker - Fan Gear and Swag! Store is Live

Introducing - SquadLocker

We have a new partner to supply all our fan gear and swag!
We would like to introduce you to SquadLocker!

Click the image to the left to be directed to their web site.  From there, they will offer you hundreds of different products, all of which will have the DCYHA logo on them!  Direct any questions you might have to our gear manager! 

If there is an item that you would like and DO NOT see on the site, please reach out to DCYHA VP Jason Simmons @

Karyn Baxter

Karyn Baxter

DCYHA Registrar

Jason  Simmons

Jason Simmons

DCYHA Vice President

CAUTION: What number to put on a jersey, jacket, etc?

If you are an EXISTING player, your number stays the same!  Go ahead and order jerseys, swag, or whatever!

If you are a NEW player, you must get an assigned number before ordering!  If you have requested a number via registration, and are going to buy a jacket or other apparel, please request your number.  Contact Sharly Norton regarding jersey numbers.

**Harrow will be our supplier for this coming season**

I did not order jerseys when I registered my player, but I need to order one, how can I do that?

I didn't order jerseys or socks through registration, but I could use some for this coming season.  How do I order jerseys now??

Answer - 

What Size Should I Order?

If possible, make arrangements with Bernie Martin to have your player try on a sample jersey while wearing their shoulder pads/chest protector. That is the safest way to determine the best jersey size. 

If it is not possible to try on a sample jersey, use the table below to determine the best fit.  The table measurements take into account the average bulk of shoulder pads/chest protectors.  Measure from armpit to armpit, across the chest, add 3 inches to the measurement  Consult the chart below with the calculated measurement. When in doubt, order the larger size. 

Goalies should order a Goal Cut jersey or plan on wearing one of the spare jerseys that DCYHA keeps on hand. 


DCYHA Game Jersey Size Guide

YOUTH 19 inches 20 Inches 21 inches 22 inches Not Available
ADULT 23 inches 24 inches 25 inches 26 inches 27 inches

How to Order Game Socks

DCYHA game socks are manufactured by Brad Hall & Co. Ltd. in Ontario, Canada.  To assure availability of game socks for your player, order your socks when you register your player or by contacting Bernie Martin, DCYHA Gear Manager, by mid-September.  

Game socks are available in several sizes; 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches and 32 inches. DCYHA game socks are a custom manufactured, knit-style, poly/cotton blend hockey sock. They are durable and most players find that they outgrow the sock before they out wear it. 

Sizing for Hockey Socks

Order socks by September 29 - To determine the correct size of hockey sock needed, use a fabric measuring tape to measure the distance between the ankle bone and the middle of the thigh. 

If that your measurement falls in-between sizes, select the larger size. To help secure a sagging sock during play you can do one of the following: 

  • use sock tape to wrap the socks with tape
  • attach the socks to a hockey garter belt 
  • or, use the fabric fastener tabs on your hockey jog shorts to secure the socks in place.

DCYHA Sock Size Chart

Smallest Sock 20 inches
Small to Medium Sock 24 inches
Medium to Large Sock 28 inches