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Kaysville Parade Details!

By Rich Lucy, 07/01/15, 6:15PM MDT


Come out and support DCYHA on July 4th!

Happy 4th of July!
You are invited to join the DCYHA float in the Kaysville 4th of July Parade, Saturday July 4, 2015. The DCYHA float will begin lining up at 9:30am with the parade beginning at 11:00.  Arrive no later than 10:30 am to join in on the fun. Meet the float at the LDS meetinghouse, located at the corner of 250 South 600 East in Kaysville.  We would love to have many, MANY participants in the DCYHA parade group entry! 
Getting to the Float Staging Area
Tip: Look for a 3 foot gap in the fence at the southwest corner of the intersection at the LDS meetinghouse (250 South 600 East in Kaysville).  This is the drop-off location.  The DCYHA float will be in Lot C.  Look for the flatbed trailer in DC Wind colors with hockey goals, a cardboard hockey player and a large DC Wind logo cutout. 
What to Wear?
The plan is to have the kids wear their DCYHA hockey jersey and a pair of dark shorts. Parents and siblings are encouraged to wear their DCYHA fan gear.
Rollerblade, Walk or Ride?
The float is available for the youngest participants to ride during the parade as well as any who won't be able to walk the entire route.  Those ridding the float are required to stay on the float during the entire parade route. Jumping off and on the float is not allowed by the parade officials. Rollerbladers should bring their street hockey stick and a helmet.  Parents and kids are invited to walk alongside of the float.  We will need your help handing out Otter Pops to the crowd.
Yep, it will be hot, hot, hot
Bottled water will be available to the parade participants.  Be sure that your kids are coated in sunscreen. Those not wearing a helmet may want to wear a cap or hat.  It might be a good idea to bring along a spray bottle full of water to mist yourself. 
Where to pick up the kids
Pick up for parade participants will be at Kaysville Elementary at the corner of 100 North 200 East. This is where you can pick up your child.  If you have questions, please email Becky Jacobsen by clicking the link below.  Thanks!

Becky Jacobsen