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DCYHA Newly Elected Board Member - Sharly Norton

By Patrick Jacobsen , 05/11/18, 3:15PM MDT


Here are your new DCYHA Board Member - Sharly Norton

Please join me in welcoming our newest board member to the DCYHA family, Sharly Norton!  Congratulations!

My name is Sharly Norton. I am the step mom to two boys who have participated in the DCYHA organization for the last 4 years. I have a squirt and a Mite currently and have loved spending hours on end supporting them. Over the last few years, I have been able to watch these boys grow into very passionate hockey players. They have the level of dedication and desire to play this game as one might see on a much higher level. With my boys participating in hockey, and showing their passion, I have chosen to support them and have volunteered at many levels. This past year, I have served as the Team Manager for the 8u/6u organization along with Jessica Stell. I have made sure that the parents are informed, the kids are taken care of and practices go as scheduled. I have helped in the fundraising efforts both for the Grizzlies tickets and for the pizza cards that we chose to do as an organization. I have coordinated teams for tournaments and ensured that players are informed of where they’re supposed to be and when. This year, I chose to pursue a new avenue of communication by developing a Facebook group for our mini and mite players. This has been a closed group to parents of the kids only. It has been great to be able to have a forum where parents can ask questions, share pictures and we can post announcements about upcoming games, tournaments and events. This has revolutionized the way the parents of the players communicate and has enabled us to engage parents on a level that was not achieved previously. 

For the 2018-2019 DCYHA season, I would like to volunteer to participate in the organization as a member of the board. I would like to share my ideas about increasing volunteers, bringing our numbers up at all age levels and ensuring all players are having an opportunity to learn about hockey and develop their skill set as they continue to grow with the DCYHA organization. I truly believe that establishing a bond with the kids at a young age will help this organization to grow at every level of competition. I have participated in competitive sports throughout my life, and I am anxious to share that passion and drive with all members of the organization.